Valley Zoo Development Society

As a non-profit partner since 1988, the Valley Zoo Development Society’s (VZDS) goal is to promote education and conservation efforts in our community. The VZDS is taking a lead role in the stunning and sustainable transformation of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Charitable Registration Number: 88639 7595 RR0001

Edmonton Valley Zoo

For over 50 years, the Edmonton Valley Zoo has hosted generations of Edmontonians seeking to experience the unique bond between humans and the wild animals that we, as a species, have always enjoyed. The Edmonton Valley Zoo has been a starting place in a journey of love, learning, care and respect for thousands seeking to experience the wonder of wildlife.

We have begun an exciting new journey to expand the Zoo to a world-class facility with greater capacity to serve our growing and diverse community.

With your help, we can make our Zoo a place that encourages interest and education in the precious animal world here at home and around the world.

Your support is critical to realizing our goal of building a truly world-class facility as a natural home for animals and an exciting opportunity to learn and make a difference in our world for

people of all ages and abilities.